atelier Alexander

is a full-service one-man studio for visual arts, photography and videography. The studio offers tailor fit visual design solutions as well as authentic art-work. The studio was founded in 2002 by visual artist Alexander van Merle.
The creative process starts with writing a description of the overall idea or purpose of the design and making a visual concept. Choices made in progress of the creative process are often based on this description and visual concept. The two disciplines; photography and cinematography are the most significant disciplines for the studio. Craftsmanship and devotion are the keywords during the artistic production.
The aim of the studio is to turn thoughts and ideas into visuals rich of color, form, texture and content. Atelier Alexander balances clients need and self expressing by engagement with it's subjects.
Many subjects and themes are in one way or the other related with anthropology dealing with issues on a social and human scale like the effect of Global economic and political processes on individuals.
arts & crafts, since 2002